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James Tyner focuses on how states and other actors use acts of brutality to manage,. a powerful and provocative basis for retheorizing population geography.

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War, Violence and Population: Making the Body Count. James A. Tyner. The Guildford Press, New York, 2009, x + 226pp. (pbk). isbn 978-1-60623-037-4.

"A principled and passionate analysis of the intimate connections between populations and political violence. Tyner's case studies of Vietnam, Cambodia, and.

Webinar by Artika Tyner, Ph.D. "Leading for Change"Feed the children feeds 800 Johnston County families – "You only make so much money and it only can go so far, and when you cannot get anything else, this is to help everyone and I am so glad to be here today," Resident Alice Tyner said. 31% of the popula.

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I’ve dived in the Caribbean and it’s just much harder here,” Tyner says. “This lake might as well be. About half of the United states’ population inhabits the Great Lakes from spring until late fal.

Tyner is an unincorporated community located in Jackson County, Kentucky, United States. The town is located at the junction of U.S. Route 421 and Kentucky .