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The continental crust (Zealandia) from which New Zealand is formed… taxa that might have experienced population subdivision during the.

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What if There Was An Eighth Continent? (Zealandia)Zealandia – Wikipedia – Zealandia ( / z i l æ n d i /), also known as the New Zealand continent or Tasmantis is an almost entirely submerged mass of continental crust that sank after breaking away from australia 60-85 million years ago, having separated from Antarctica between 85 and 130 million years ago.

Attorney General Announces $3 Million Settlement With Timeshare Company – Zealandia Capital, Inc., f/k/a SETI Marketing, Inc., Zealandia Holding Company, Inc., f/k/a Festiva Hospitality Group, Inc., as well as Festiva principals Donald K. Clayton and Herbert H. Patrick, and.

Zealandia provides a fresh context to investigate processes of continental rifting, thinning, and break up, based on geological and geophysical.

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An international team of researchers using radar data from NASA’s Operation IceBridge has discovered a previously unmapped canyon hidden for all of human history beneath 1.2 miles (2 km) of ice coveri.